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Want to try your hand at a new craft? Take the plunge with Relief Sculpting course at Westbury Arts Centre

Updated: Jan 15

Westbury Arts Centre launched Autumn 2023 a new course in Relief Sculpting in which students use air drying Paperclay to create relief forms, led by tutor and resident artist, Asya Dudko. Air-dried Paperclay can be used in a similar way to normal clay, but it does not need to be fired in a kiln and can be painted and decorated once dry with acrylics, oil paints and watercolours.

If you are thinking about joining the next session, which starts 10 January 2024, you may be interested in hearing about the experiences of some of the previous students.

Three of the students share their thoughts - Arlene Izod, retired, Tatiana Merdina a freelance designer and mother, and Sathish Kannan, an IT Consultant and artist.

“I found Asya to be an excellent tutor,” said Arlene. “She made the class fun and interesting. Her encouragement kept me interested and keen to complete a good first attempt. I was extremely proud and pleased with my finished piece.” Tatiana was so impressed with the tutor that she asked her to run a birthday workshop for her daughter's 12th birthday.

The participants also enjoyed the company of others: “I learned a new skill in a friendly environment with other like-minded and interesting people,” said Izod. Tatiana added: “In our group people were from different backgrounds, but it was interesting to see their progress during this course and how they thought creatively and unexpectedly.“

Tatiana said that she really like to work with the air drying clay because although it dries quickly, you actually can rework the surface and add some patterns and play with colours at the same time.

Sathish had previously undertaken plaster carving using Plaster of Paris so was keen to try a new medium. He said he would

definitely recommend this course to anyone want to start the sculpting journey and was pleased that he had added a new skill to his repertoire that he could use in other up-coming projects.

The next Relief Sculpting course comprises 5 sessions which start 18.30 p.m Wednesday 10 January 2024 and is suitable for those who are complete beginners and also those who have some experience.

There are still a few places left. Book now


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