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Join us at Westbury Arts Centre in celebrating artwork, art and artists and immerse yourself with themes and ideas explored in the following exhibitions. 

All exhibitions are open to everyone and free to attend. 

For information on how to get to Westbury, please go to the following page click here.

December 2023

Westbury-Art show_v2.png

Artist Statement:


Venu is a photography enthusiast based in Milton Keynes with interest in wildlife, people and creative light photography.


Join us to celebrate and witness two realms blend to form an awe-inspiring tapestry of visual storytelling of the natural world and creative artwork.


Wildlife photography invites us into the secret lives of Earth's creatures, offering glimpses of their untamed beauty, their struggles, and their exquisite moments.

Creative art photography, on the other hand, is a canvas where photographers paint with light, crafting moments of ethereal beauty and unbridled imagination.

Past Exhibitions

Exhibition Poster.jpg

Artist Statement:

Suraj is a Milton Keynes based photographer who was born and grew up in India. He took up photography as a serious hobby over a decade ago and have travelled across India and a number of places around the world capturing the essence of the place through photography.

Through this exhibition he plans to showcase the diversity of his home country by presenting a medley of colourful photographs covering landscape, architecture, portraits, culture, city life, street and more.

Suraj will be there on both days and he looks forward to your visit to the exhibition. Do feel free to ask him any questions about the photos and he will be happy to answer them.

Becky Gouverneour image.PNG
Becky and Robin;
Charcoal meets Oils Exhibition 

Sat 9th - Sun 10th 
September 2023

The Barn Gallery
11am - 4pm
This exhibition is a collaboration between celebrated local charcoal artist Becky Gouverneur and Robin Souter, a resident artist at Westbury Arts Centre, dedicated to atmospheric and dynamic oil painting. 

This exhibition is part of the Heritage Open Days events. For more details, please click here
Robin Souter, HODS, exhibition.jpg

Sat 16th - Sun 17th 
September 2023

The Barn Gallery


Artful Connections is a group of nine local professional artists and crafts people who have formed a fellowship over more than fifteen years, nurturing each other’s creativity through informal meetups, sharing of practice, drawing/painting/making sessions, and visits to exhibitions.


We are also variously associated with The ArtistCollective@Westbury, the Visual Images Group in Bucks., the Eagle Gallery Co Operative in Bedford, The Wynd Gallery in Letchworth, and the Artists Network Bedfordshire. All of us belong to a-n The Artists’ Information Company.


An important part of our coming together centres on finding places to exhibit our work, hopefully to sell - but more importantly, to show others what we make and value, with the aim of sharing our thoughts, ideas and expressions of the world around us.

Each of us takes inspiration from our surroundings, whether that is natural forms, people, landscape or weather and transform these impressions through unique methods. Our aim is to make connections concerning issues common to everyone, such as environment, wellbeing and identity.

This exhibition is part of the Heritage Open Days events. For more details, please click here

HODS Artful Connections 16-17.09.23.jpeg
Westbury Art Club Exhibition

Sat 16th - Sun 17th 
September 2023

Drawing Room
11am - 4pm
HODS. Westbury Art Club Exhibition. 16-17.09.png

Westbury Arts Centre has a regular

Art Club on both Monday and Wednesday

afternoons, providing a quiet,

sociable space for people to work on their

own projects, be it painting, drawing, 3D,

textiles, etc.

The participants treasure this time, away from distractions, in the lovely setting of Westbury, and encourage each other in their artistic journeys. This is the first time both Art Clubs have come together to exhibit their work, many of whom have not shown their work before to the public- so it is particularly suited to this year’s theme of Creativity Unwrapped.

This exhibition is part of the Heritage Open Days events. For more details, please click here

Paul Van den Hende – a retrospective exhibition

Sunday 24th 
September 2023

The Barn Gallery
12.30pm - 4.30pm

This retrospective exhibition of paintings and photography celebrates Paul Van den Hende in his 80th year.


Paul came to art late, gaining a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts in 1996 and an MA in Social and Political thought in 1999 after a career in engineering, local government, and the financial sector, finally as the IT and Operations Director of an international insurance group.


He is principally a painter but also a photographer and is a past member of the Silbury Group of Artists in Milton Keynes.  His work shows a strong sense of place as well as varied and successful experimentation in a wide range of styles and media.  Of particular interest to Milton Keynes is the series of paintings based on the map of the city.  They can be understood as a series of two-dimensional abstract paintings of parts of a diagrammatic map projection of a three-dimensional landscape.  Emotionally they can be seen to be a personal response to a chosen set of colours, marks, and shapes.


His photographs demonstrate his keen curiosity about people and places and how they relate to each other.


He has taught art history at university level at Oxford and Cambridge, and painting, drawing and photography in adult education.


Paul has work in company collections and in French, Swiss and American private collections.


He is of Belgian and Swiss/English parentage with an early childhood spent in Belgium. 

WFFG Annual Show, Aug 2023.png

To find out more about the Westbury Farbric and Fibre Guild, please click here

BAW2023Flyer Square.jpg


Spanish Civil War Exhibition

Saturday 1st April & Sunday 2nd April 2023
11.00am - 4.30pm

Joe Little Exhibition poster, March and April 2023.jpg

Known as the artists, poets and writers war – The Spanish Civil War was a conflict which went far beyond the boundary of any country.


The exhibition explores three different aspects; one young man’s journey to fight fascism, female empowerment in 1936-1939 and art, poetry & music.

The exhibition is a collaboration between local artist Joe Little and local musician Jonathan Whittle. Today, the themes explored feel very relevant to current day conflicts in Europe.

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