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Surgeon and Artist



Robin was a consultant Surgeon in Milton Keynes hospital from when it opened in 1984 until he retired in 2015. A lifelong passion in art and help from some inspirational teachers ran alongside his career which was very much based on the “art and craft” of surgery.  He states that they both require precision and technique along with flare and subjective assessments calling for inspiration and judgement.

His passion is to try to capture the moods and drama of the sea. He has been particularly inspired by the teachings of E. John Robinson and a friend and mentor, Graham Morgan, a fine local artist. Current projects include a series of woodland and landscapes in different seasons endeavouring to give an impression of atmosphere and light and the use of mixed media to add texture.

Robin is delighted to hold a studio in WAC and to have the privilege of working alongside the hugely talented creative residents in this iconic and charming building.

He used the word “subjective” and it is up to the individual observer to decide if his work comes anywhere close to doing justice to the magnificent, dramatic and beautiful scenes which nature provides.


Oil Painting workshops run throughout the year.




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