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New to Westbury Arts Centre – Relief Sculpting with Paperclay with an award-winning tutor

You will learn this new creative technique from award-winning tutor, Asya Dudko, who teaches adults and children in Milton Keynes and the area.

Asya has her own unique and distinctive style. She says: ‘Life is full of mystery, beauty and sometimes struggle. This is what I am fascinated with and what I try to represent in my art.’ She draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of her early life in Russia.

As a professional artist Asya has exhibited in the UK and overseas. Her poignant relief Family Portrait won the Helen Sinclair Sculpture Award at the Society for Women artists annual exhibition 2022 at the Mall Galleries, London. Asya says of her work: ‘The Family Portrait represents the innocence, spontaneity and fantasy of our inner child and the idea of keeping a child’s perception when getting older.’

Her figures are made from air drying Paperclay which is sculpted over the support wire structure and finished with oil, acrylic, watercolour, and pastels. Her reliefs are completed on a stretched canvas or board and shaped with Paperclay. All pieces are original work and are one of a kind.

She aims to help Westbury workshop participants develop their own sculpting skills and to discover the joy of creating within a friendly, supportive and energising environment.

How you will learn at Westbury Arts Centre

You will learn how to use Paperclay and how to build up layers of clay to create a relief.

You will be able to choose your own image that you want to create as a relief and will firstly create a sketch of it. The tutor will provide some examples to inspire and show what is achievable.

You will sculpt the image in Paperclay and then use shaping tools and sandpaper to hone it.

You will also learn how to create texture on the surface and paint it with images using acrylics and oil paints.

All the materials you will need are provided and included in the cost.

To learn more and to book your space, please visit:


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