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Pens, Pencils & Photographs.....

For some, being in lockdown has provided an opportunity to re-visit the joy that creativity can bring. With jobs, family and everything else that life throws at you we don't often get the time or the space to while away some blissful hours creating something that sparks a little happiness!

Farina has managed to do just this - Carved out a little bit of time to re-visit her artwork and has gone back to finishing many images that have remained unfinished for so long.

We find out from Farina what she's been up to.

I'm an architect and an Art Historian and live in Milton Keynes.

I work with pens, pencils and photographs. I am a Mother of 3, full time house maker, and I love photography, travelling and experiencing spaces. I use this medium mostly because pens, pencils and photographs are always easily available around me when I feel inspired. 

Quoting famous English Painter, John Berger, “All photographs are there to remind us of what we forget. In this, as in other ways, they are the opposite of paintings. Paintings record what the painter remembers, because each one of us forgets different things, a photo more than a painting may change its meaning according to who is looking at it.

My photographs remind me of what I have forgotten and my sketches record what I remember and I merge the two mediums to make a complete image. The final art work is a set of layers of sketches and its juxtaposition with the photographed image. 

"Now, that I have more time, with no outdoor chores, I have gone back to finishing many of my images that I started some time back" 

1. Work in progress - Tate Modern, London

2. Wazir Khan Mosque: Lahore. Pakistan

3. Jama Masjid: Bhopal. India 

4. Farina Noorani

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