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Off to a head start!

At the beginning of April we put a call out to artists, we wanted to know what creative practices people had been up to whilst being at home.

Charlie Blake responded and showed us what he was up to during lockdown - Charlie had a piece of work exhibited in last years Milton Keynes Open exhibition, he was also signed on to our drawing course which was due to start in late April.

As Milton Keynes Open couldn't take place this year and with the drawing course postponed Charlie looked for other ways in which to improve his drawing skills, he embarked on a drawing course through Facebook .

I was interested to find out from Charlie how he got into drawing and why he seemed to have a particular interest in drawing portraits. This is what he said;

"I wanted to get back into drawing as I'd lost the skill really over the decades. I used to just doodle biro drawings as a teenager, often faces.

I'm working on portraits at the moment - I guess one is off to a head start... (pun?)

I see Portraits as being a direct statement of a person ......

everybody has a face so there is an immediate connection for all of us...

I'll move on to whole people hopefully at some point soon.

I just discovered F L Griggs the other day... who is perhaps similar to Samuel Palmer, nostalgic with a romantic interpretation. I also like art that caricatures Dora Carrington"

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