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Keep safe & share a rainbow ...

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

On my daily walks I have really enjoyed seeing these wonderful pieces of rainbow art appearing in windows, or chalked on driveways. Such a cheery image which somehow provides a sense of togetherness and reminds us that we're all in this together!

With all these lovely rainbows we want to create our very own "Rainbow Gallery" - Send us pictures of your rainbows and we'll put them in our gallery. Email pictures to



Thank you to Rob of Olney who was moved to paint a rainbow as he'd seen so many in windows down the street. Rob's rainbow stands proudly outside his house!

Thank you for sharing!



A beautiful rainbow created by Shelby aged 10!



Rainbow Dog - I love this! The dog is well known to Westbury and has visited many times along with his owner of course! The two hair artists aged 6 & 11 used hair chalk to create this very fetching look!



Jack has created this beautiful rainbow, it's a lovely addition to our gallery - thanks for sharing.



Love this - such a beautiful and thoughtful design! Thank you Sarah for sharing your daughter's work.



Honey Mosaics - this is a lovely piece by you and your boys, we can imagine it looks spectacular when the sun shines through it. Thanks for sharing.



Wow - this is lovely. Loving the pom poms. Thanks for sharing Karen.



We can see that you had great fun creating this rainbow! A wonderful and creative piece - thanks for sharing Becky


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