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Floral Magic!

We catch up with floral artist and textile designer, Nicky Hunter as she talks about what she's been up to during lockdown.

I've really enjoyed seeing the most glorious Parrot Tulips whilst on my daily walks, I've noticed them in peoples gardens as well as communal areas around Stony Stratford. I recently bought some from a local grower and charitable enterprise called "Branch Out", they specialise in the more unusual specimen. Unfortunately they're closed at the moment, although they are running a worthwhile charitable scheme where you can make a donation and they will deliver a rainbow bunch to an NHS charity worker.

I've found that lockdown has also given me the opportunity to slow down and work on some study sheets of seasonal plants in the garden, I'm developing a series of these which I've not done before.

Study sheets are developmental sheets, like a sketch book page. They allow you to focus on the detail of a flower as well as experimenting with various botanical watercolour painting and drawing skills. It helps improve observation skills which in turn helps get to know a specific flower better, making it easier to paint my favoured looser more expressive style.

I asked Nicky what attracted her to flowers and why she has chosen to specialise in this particular area;

"Initially painting flowers was a necessity working as an embroidery designer in the bridal industry and ladies fashion  sector. Now I just love painting them and teaching others to  paint them for their own simple and perfect beauty.

The colour is the greatest pull and with so many varieties its an endless source of inspiration, I love the mix of colour and shape in a bouquet,  but my first love are roses, the swirls and flourishes and pretty shades and WOW the scent!

I believe flowers and women are some of the most beautiful things to paint, isn't that why a bride always looks so stunning on her wedding day holding a wonderful bouquet? They represent her blooming youth, happiness and express her personality".


"Working from home has given me a real opportunity to slow down and work on some study sheets"

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