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Develop a new skill in lino printing at Westbury Arts Centre

Updated: Jan 9

You can create your own striking and vibrant artworks using lino printing at a new evening course at Westbury Arts Centre. Lino prints can be detailed or simple, a single colour or multi-coloured and printed on paper or fabric to create items including greeting cards and wall hangings.

Your tutor, Tarandeep Kaur Bhogal, has a degree in Fine Art from the University of East London, where she specialised in printmaking, including lino prints. She has taught in London and Milton Keynes and will support you in developing your own skills and personal style.

Tarandeep says: ‘What I particularly like about lino printing is that prints can be manipulated in many ways and forms to achieve different effects. There is a chance to experiment with colours and see how changes to colour can change the image. The process is versatile and there is not one way to achieve a successful print.’

Tarandeep particularly admires the Angie Lewin. ‘Her prints carry a delicacy within them, but also are chaotic and vibrant at the same time. One aspect of her work which stands out and I particularly admire is the attention to detail and how this has been created through cutting each part out carefully.’ (Angie Lewin - linocut printmaker, painter and designer)

Once you start lino cutting, it does not take long before you can produce your own artwork. However, Tarandeep advises that it needs some careful consideration, thought and patience to draw out the design and cut the lino, which are the most essential stages.

Tarandeep will show you how to choose the right cutters and to test them to get the depth and breadth of line that you are looking for.

Once the class has mastered the single colour technique it may also move onto creating multi-coloured prints using the reduction lino technique. This is where each colour layer is carved into the same lino block and care must be taken to cut out the correct sections.

The ink that will be used within the class is water based and should wash off clothes. However, some inks may need to be washed off straight away due to the pigments, which can leave stains.

Tarandeep has expertise in a wide range of printmaking, techniques as well as lino cutting. During lockdown, her work shifted from abstract forms, to natural forms, which is what she is still exploring.

To find out more and to book your space, please visit:

Image Credit: Tarandeep Kaur Bhogal

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