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Covid 19 protection policy updated September 2021 (until further notice)

Use of communal spaces and guidelines for WAC visitors


Basic Principles;

  • To minimise risk when allowing members of the general public to access the building, including the barn, both for visiting exhibitions and attending workshops.

  • To minimise risk for staff and resident artists.

  • To adhere to current Government guidelines.


Social distancing and hygiene rules on site - General

  • Nobody should enter the building if they are experiencing any symptoms suggesting that they may be infected or if they have been requested to isolate by NHS Test & Trace or other government isolation guidelines.

  • On arrival visitors should use the hand sanitiser, this can be found at various points around the building.

  • In-line with government guidelines face coverings are not compulsory and used at individuals discretion. WAC recommends using face coverings in communal areas.

  • All users of the building as far as practically possible should continue to maintain social distancing for the comfort and safety of all.

  • Touch points in communal areas will be sanitised daily by the caretaker.

  • The ground floor toilet will be available for visitors, and the upstairs corridor toilet for house artists. They will be cleaned and pedal bins emptied each day. A visible cleaning schedule will show when the toilets were last cleaned.

  • Access to the kitchen is for the use of the caretaker and resident artists only. This facility should be used for food or drink preparation only. Any surfaces or utensils used must be cleaned thoroughly after each use, surface cleaner and paper towels will be clearly available.


Workshop rules

Whilst there is no specific limit to the number of people that can use our rooms we do suggest the following as a guideline: 

Drawing Room 10, Legge Room 6 and Barn 12 or 20 for exhibitions. The person making the booking should take responsibility to keep themselves and attendees safe by highlighting the continuing need for social distancing to attendees.

  • As far as possible windows and doors should be left open for increased ventilation.

  • Surfaces & sinks used should be cleaned before and after by the workshop lead.


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