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Mixed Media

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Tajinder’s visceral and thought provoking paintings evoke memories of her Indian heritage and African birthplace. She uses painting as a vehicle to communicate the unconscious and the intangible. Creating intuitively enables her to evoke a reservoir of emotions, feelings, thoughts and memories that are outside the conscious awareness and cannot be easily verbalised. Combining the process of meditation and creativity allows her to produce aesthetically pleasing and expressive paintings from source, reflecting beauty and the sublime simultaneously, engaging the viewer to question the intangible within.  


Her paintings are a concentrated orchestration of artistic, spiritual, philosophical, social impulses and information that encourages appreciation of aesthetics and psychological inquiry. Tajinder mostly works in oils and charcoals but occasionally resorts to using mixed media for more tactile pieces.


Tajinder’s joined Westbury in 2011 to prepare for her Solo exhibition in London. She has exhibited at The Mall Galleries London, Queen Mary University London, MK Gallery and The Eagle Gallery. Her paintings have been published in the Textbook of Cultural Psychiatry by Cambridge University Press and in Routledge Handbook of Psychiatry in Asia. 

Tajinder runs monthly Retreat to Create workshops, which focus on creativity and wellbeing.




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