Mixed Media

”Painting intuitively, enables one to express the intangible, metaphysical and transcendental realms, which are made more accessible through meditation and observation of the empirical happenings in nature. This process can infuse the mind with sublime and ethereal feelings” Michael Brenson

Tajinder sees painting as a vehicle to communicate the unconscious, the deeply embedded emotions and intangible feelings, which cannot always be easily verbalised. Creating intuitively enables her to encounter what is in that beyondness of the unconscious mind, often it can evoke memories held in the depth of subconscious. This process allows her to produce expressive paintings from the source, which endures beauty and sublime simultaneously, stepping beyond the obvious view of the self and surroundings.


Tajinder has taken inspiration from Turner’s dynamic, romantic and sublime landscapes, Mark Rothko’s glowing, spiritual and complex veils of colour and Howard Hodgkin’s vibrantly coloured work that dare to challenge the traditional concept of painting.

Influenced by ethnic Indian and African roots, Tajinder's paintings are a concentration and orchestration of artistic, spiritual, philosophical, social impulses and information; which points towards the promise of healing, appreciation of aesthetics and psychological inquiry. Tajinder has exhibited and sold at The Mall Galleries and Queen May University London.


Monthly Art Retreat: Saturdays: 10am - 4pm  - Cost: £65