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DATES: 8th May, 19th June, 3rd July, 18th Sept, 23rd Oct, 13th Nov and 11th Dec 2021
TIMES: 10.00am-4.00pm




MindFlow Art Retreat is a holistic well-being programme, designed to support people to access creativity and begin their personal artistic journey. You will be encouraged to explore how to create drawings and paintings, which are meaningful to you. 

Meditation is a powerful tool and an inspirational process. It allows us to experience a flow of memories of sorrows and joys to wash through our soul, which can act as a filter onto the canvas. Integrating meditation can help us to connect with inner being. It gives us clarity to make art. Art is who we are. It's a beautifully woven tapestry, an abstraction of life. If you are looking to make inner changes and discover your creativity, then this workshop will support you to do just that. So often we look for the answers outside of ourselves however, if we have the right tools, everything we need is within. Begin your inner journey to discover the authentic you, through a series of creative processes.  Be more confident, inspired and explore your creative potential. Drawings and Abstract paintings carry powerful messages, inner voices, music, sorrows and joys. Your art is an expression of self, of the artist’s essence and authenticity.

The Retreat days are a great tool for artistic development and self-empowerment. What you create on the day will be meaningful for you! Take-away - the experience of trusting yourself to create intuitively.  Come and let go of all your stress and discover your inner artist! Relax and have some fun!


Cost of course: £85

MindFlow Art Retreat

  • How to book

    Reserve your place by emailing

    Telephone: 07718223179

  • Materials provided

    Herbal Teas, Coffee and Fruit Juice  

  • Materials/Equipment you need to bring

    Please bring a packed lunch

    Bring your favourite materials to use:

    Canvas or Paper, brushes, paints, art pencils, putty rubber and charcoal. 

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