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Pigments & Powders!

On the 1st of May I wrote a post "Off to a head start" showcasing the work of Charlie Blake and looking at the portrait art he had been producing during lockdown.

Here Charlie updates us with his latest works:

"Father became a Fox, my sister....I held a magic sword"

Charlie takes us through his painting process - "I started from a transparency my father took of my sister and I back in the late 50's. What I have really enjoyed is discovering the narrative and direction whilst working with this piece. I've used powder pigments, and bronze powders in shellac, it's hard to capture the lustre in the photo."

One final piece from Charlie.....

"Several things I never saw in Cairgorms"

Acrylics on board with Bronze powdered Fencing Planks.

"I cant look at this picture without giggling... last June I had a glorious week in the Cairngorms at Nethy Bridge, it was just down the lane from the Springwatch Tepee team who were filming at the time"


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