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"Opening Up" with Jane Burdiak

It's been almost 10 weeks since lockdown began, whilst some of the measures have been lifted a little we're still very much confined to our homes and our "Social bubbles". During this time we still continue to receive emails from artists telling us what they've been up to, It's been a delight to have a little insight into artists creative practices, so please do continue to let us know what you're up to.

The latest email received was from Jane Burdiak, Jane has produced some wonderful key sculptures which some how seem appropriate for the current times we're living in!

Read on to find out more about Jane's latest works.

"Having been retired for a few years, I am enjoying the wonderful time there is to renew old interests and embark upon new ones. I love writing and give talks locally about my books. More recently, I have been reading extracts from them on CRMK online radio station.

The inspiration for the keyboard and key ideas have been with me for at least a year and are my most recent sculptures. Sourcing and collecting the keys took months. The keys themselves are interesting artifacts and each is distinctive. They have had a purpose and their precision cannot be doubted. The metaphorical titles of the sculptures loosely reference inclusiveness, mental health and wellbeing. The titles are closely linked and hugely important. 

Opening Up

Across the Board

Domesticity is a recurring theme in my practice and is frequently reflected in my work. There is an interest in creating a new aesthetic for everyday objects which aims to give the viewer an alternative vision of their environment. Thinking about them is all absorbing – experimenting with different mediums, a challenge. The sculptures are more-often-than-not created on the kitchen table using a combination of found materials and colourful paint. I have used bold colour combinations many times. I love the childish naivety of putting bright colours together. I can be spontaneous. They are unexpected and amusing. 

Suspended Sentence

During this period of isolation, I have remained focused and continually inspired. I have been working on a new manuscript and have come across some interesting pieces of bark while clearing a corner of the garden which I have earmarked for a piece of artwork. Unable to be out and about, I have endless fun with poster paints, bark rubbing and pressing flowers to make cards. I have gardened, exercised, read Sophie's World, cooked, re-established the putting green and kept in touch with friends and family".

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