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Wire Sculptor


Lindsay enjoys working in many different mediums and for over a decade has been exploring the properties of wire. This medium really ignites her creative ideas. Wire is a simple but challenging material with many advantages with only the need for pliers and a small hook. So no noise and very little mess. Where possible, Lindsay works with pre-used wire, fencing or thatch wire all this keeps a very low carbon footprint.
Lindsay tries to keep true to the material, using just a few layers which enables her to create translucency in her work, whilst incorporating great strength. Wind flows straight through the forms, limiting any possible damage when displayed. Sculptures remove effortlessly from lawns at mowing time and lasts for many years with very little care. They work equally well as indoor sculpture, on mounts or wall mounted, casting beautiful lacy shadows on walls and floors.
With animals and birds, Lindsay’s aim is to capture flowing movement whilst encapsulating the subject’s character. Wire is a light material which lends itself to flowing forms full of life and vitality.   Often the position and character evolves whilst working the wire. Lindsay often portrays emotions and relationships in he figure work.

Lindsay has exhibited for many years around Britain, Blenheim Palace being the most memorable. She sells extensively including internationally.

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