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Good clean fun!

9th April 2020


Erin's an art teacher and was looking for new ways to engage her students during this period of home learning. Erin suggested soap carving using the theme of "Seaside" & "Rockpools" and made a couple of examples (as can be seen in the photos) to help inspire her students.

When I saw Erin's Soap Carving art I was intrigued. I was intrigued because this is something that I had not come across before.

I couldn't resist the urge to google this art form - It appears that soap carving has been going viral over the last couple of years. It has a long tradition in Thailand originating from the act of carving fruit and vegetables.

The sound of cutting soap and the visual repetition is said to calm people in this hectic world!

If you fancy having a go I came across a tutorial on the Tate website take a look here:

Do let us know how you got on if you have a go!

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