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Acrylic magic!

8th April 2020


I happened to bump into Frances as she was creating her circular pieces of art - I was as equally thrilled as Frances was with the results. The unpredictable outcome was exciting, watching the colours merge was almost meditative - This is definitely something that I would love to have a go at!

I first came across acrylic pouring art a few years ago, and at first it seemed really exciting – you know, the novelty of the new. But then the more I explored and investigated online,  the more I realised it was beginning to look the same... until I discovered the wonderful Canadian artist Callen Schaub.  He has created something exciting, vibrant, and totally unique - and that inspired me to try something different.  

Okay, I don’t have the turning table that he has, I don’t have all the other equipment and supplies that he has so I started with what I had to hand - a few circular boards from the local scrap store, a bottle of pouring medium that I’d bought on a trip to a lumber yard with my brother, a small starter pack of resin from EliChem that I was going to use for something completely different, and some of my favourite acrylic colours. All I needed now was space, and time…

Strange, isn’t it. This awful virus that is forcing us to stay at home is also presenting us with golden opportunities to explore, experiment, and to try all those things we put aside for ‘ when I’ve got time.’  And as luck would have it, I live in an art centre which is now quiet and I have all the space I need. 

It’s a very messy process, so you really do need space, and you need to do things quickly before it all starts to dry. But watching the paint flow, merge, and mingle whilst tipping the board in different directions was thrilling and I could feel my inner child bouncing up and down with glee. And when I added the resin layer a few days later, I breathed a deep sigh of satisfaction. 

I’m very happy with the results. Lots of mistakes made, but how do we learn if we are perfect all the time

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