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Abstract artist /surface pattern designer

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Frances spent the next part of her life in various countries, trying out different skills and crafts. A Masters Degree in Creative Arts Therapy led to her working in Brooklyn, NY in a shelter for homeless women.  After a few years she returned to the UK where she became a carer for her parents. During this time, using her creative training, Frances co-founded Art Refuge UK- a charity using the arts in India & Nepal to help children in transit from Tibet, a project she is very passionate about, as Tibet is a country she has visited many times and is close to her heart. 


When her role as a carer came to an end, Frances put all her belongs into storage and went travelling again, twice around the world this time, where she immersed herself in colour, culture and nature, visiting every Botanical Garden she came across, as well as myriad art galleries- a mini portable studio became an essential part of her luggage. This resulted in a deep desire to create full-time, with all her art materials and canvases by her side.


In 2018 she moved into her studio at Westbury and has been enjoying using her back catalogue of images and the surrounding nature to create abstract, intuitive, colourful paintings and designs. Frances works mainly with acrylics, on canvas and paper, with the occasional splattering of glitter, and is currently experimenting with the use of resin. Frances rather likes the colour pink.


INSTAGRAM:  @tiggerfx

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