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Mixed Media Artist

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Farina Noorani creates art as ‘Beyond Images Studio’ which is all about her passion for art, architecture and photography.

Born in Pakistan, Farina graduated as an architect and moved to UK, where she obtained her Masters in Art History and have been creating art since. Inspired by architectural spaces and features, Farina aims to document and preserve the grandeur and memory of historical sites and fascinating architectural landmarks through her artwork. She works with mixed media and freehand sketches, and juxtapose them with original photographs to create one composite images.

Experience of an architectural space, is central to Farina’s artistic activity. Architecture, and its impact on our emotions and imaginations, motivates her artwork and her creative process.


To her, working on an architectural subject provides a captivating energy, and however freely the watercolours flow and how dramatic the perspectives are, the presence of an underlying geometry and logic always seems to follow, binding them altogether as one.


She works with various perspective of the same building, and the images and ideas overlap and superimpose one another, in the same way as they co-exist in our collective consciousness. In her artwork, she aims to combine the properties of a painting and the spatial experiences of architecture as one composition and evoke what can be seen and experienced beyond the images.



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