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Westbury - A tranquil haven ....

8th April 2020


Robin is an artist at Westbury and describes his latest painting below. Those who know Westbury well, will know that our normally beautiful tranquil site is a building site as we're undergoing some essential building work.

We've been living with the building rubble since January so It's lovely to see this painting depicting the real nature of Westbury with it's calm, tranquil exterior.

Westbury displaying the elegance, charm and beauty of Spring at her loveliness amid the wreckage of a building site - work in progress. Images which seem to be a metaphor for the contradictions of a turbulent World.

The moat still at is fullest level, the massive willow in its Spring finery and the house in the background offered an unmissable opportunity to try to capture something of the spirit of Westbury.

We are all privileged to be part of a wonderful mixture of creatives. Stay strong.

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