1 DAY WORKSHOP 10am - 4pm

Oil image.jpg

Join artist Lance Fennell for this one day workshop.

An opportunity to focus upon specific oil painting techniques, or for others it will be a pure exploratory exercise, and for some it may be a confidence booster - whatever your needs we’re sure you will enjoy this workshop!

All abilities welcome!


  • There is an extra cost of £5 if you would like to use materials provided by the tutor.



  • Oil Paints

  • Mediums & Thinners ( Linseed Oil/Liquin, Distilled Turpentine)

  • Painting surface such as stretched canvas or canvas board

  • White Spirit

  • Palette

  • Palette Knife

  • Assorted brushes

  • Rags

  • Apron

  • Packed Lunch




About the Tutor:


Lance Fennell’s work usually starts with what he calls “roadscapes”, of places he sees every day, or “innerscapes”, which can include anything from politics to illustrations that accompany poetry, and these ideas are then explored in a variety of approaches and media.


“I like to give myself permission to make whatever I want and follow whatever is the best idea at the time,” he says, “It’s quite wayward, with paintings, mostly in oil, that take far too long, and then word/image explorations and ideas, cartoons, invented places and landscapes that sometimes just take a few minutes to create.” Most of his work is painted onto refashioned frames bought at car boot sales and found objects – junk basically – with the intention of transforming the object into something different and interesting or challenging to the eye.