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Kirsteen’s inspiration mainly comes from nature - plants, pods, seeds, rocks and landscapes. She visits the Isle of Coll in the Inner Hebrides regularly and this has had an influence on her work. “It is a unique place where all types of weather can happen in one day. Bad weather is dark and dramatic and yet when the sun eventually appears the light and colour can take your breath away. It is not always instant or obvious, but all these elements will direct my work somehow, with a texture, colour, form or glaze.”

Much of Kirsteen’s work is fired in an electric kiln, which is fine, but it does not satisfy the pyromaniac in her, so she also makes work that can be Raku fire, the process is much more sensory ... “you can see the glazes melt, feel the heat of the fire, smell the smoke in the air”. It is always unpredictable and becomes addictive. The building of a soda kiln has taken her work in a slightly different direction with a return to her love of throwing on the potter’s wheel and exploring what happens to her favourite textures with this dramatic way of glazing clay.


Raku Workshops running from April to October