Armada Door Fundraiser

Help us to save our door!

As you drive up to Westbury you'll most likely notice our old, rather battered looking front door. Local folklore says that the door panels came from the Spanish Armada.


The Armada was a large naval fleet sent from Spain to invade England in 1588. The fleet was defeated and many ships were wrecked in the battle.

It is possible that valuable items were retrieved from these ship wrecks as bounty or used in peoples homes. Mysteriously there is a carving of a sunflower on the old door. This is interesting as these flowers were not found in England at the time. Sunflowers were first brought to Spain from the New World across the Atlantic during the 16th Century. Once again this could be evidence of the origins for the door panels having come from Spain.



The door is in a very sorry state and we would like to have it restored and preserved for future generations. However we do need some help.


We need to raise £2000 in order to get the door restored. We've set up a GOFundMe fund raising page. If you are able to make a donation do click on the link below.

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